What Have We Got to Lose


Almost all of us have something we don’t feel comfortable about – whether it’s going for a promotion or public speaking. Each pinprick of low self-esteem can hold us back – especially in the work place. Woman have the ability to shatter the glass ceiling, so why do most senior positions at work still go to men?

Not as likely to give it a go

Men overestimate their ability while woman underestimate theirs; woman are therefore less likely to even attempt the task.

We have been told by society that we are not as good as men, and we have started to believe it. Take Karen Brady, an example of a fantastic business woman and role model for young woman with aspirations. She is a fighter and is proof that woman can be just as successful, if not more successful than men!

Appearance vs ability

A survey by the Girl Guides Association found that 87% of young woman felt they were judged on what they looked like, rather than that they can do.

It was a bad economy when I was writing letters and sending my CV out to local businesses, asking if there were job vacancies (after being in a career with a female manager, who would make me feel like I was making TOO MUCH of an effort with the way I dressed. Woman should empower each other, rather than try to drag them down because of jealousy or the fact that they may feel threatened. ) and I wasn’t hearing back from any of the companies I had written to, however as soon as I put a photograph of myself on my CV, I had replies from most of my letters – all men. These senior jobs are like gold dust for a female – could it be successful woman holding other woman back?

“When I attend events for women in business, I often see the same faces. If every woman who got to the top brought just two up behind her, the number of women in the boardroom would triple”
-Karen Brady

The brain

Many neurological studies show that the shape of a woman’s brain and the way that the hormones are excreted mean she is more likely to worry more, to be less emotionally resilient and to cling to negative experiences.

You could argue that these emotions and the fact that we hold onto our negative experiences means that we learn from our mistakes and can come back stronger with more knowledge and with an urge not to fail again?

Attainment vs potential

Research shows that, while men are promoted for their potential with their past mistakes overlooked, women are promoted for what they have already achieved and any imperfections on their CV won’t be forgotten.

Before any of us, men or woman, have even started the race, woman have been lapped! Woman may be emotional, and you can see this as a bad thing as well as a good thing, as we have passion and pride in our work, but we are also more organised than men and we can juggle our tasks (dare I say it, multi-task).


If confidence is the belief in your ability to succeed, then a lack of confidence, conversely, will hold you back from even trying. Us, as woman need to stand tall and be proud of how far we have come, and strive for how far we have yet to go – after all, what have we got to lose?

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