How starting a Bullet Journal has helped my anxiety



As someone who suffers from anxiety, I wish I had done this sooner. Bullet Journalling is a notebook system that incorporates planning, list making and doodling in an organised way. As you use a ruled note book rather than a diary, you aren’t limited to what you can put on the pages. My Bullet Journal allows me to make monthly, weekly and daily plans and gives me a outlet for my feelings at the end of a day.

I wanted to show some pages of my Bullet Journal with you, share my designs and with any luck, give someone else who suffers with anxiety some ideas that have really and truly helped me over the past month. Every page in my Bullet Journal uses my designs, mostly done by hand so feel very personal and special to me.

I started by numbering the pages of my notebook and writing an index on the very first page. From here on I included things that I would find useful, for example:


My word for the year and Yearly planner


A list of 20 Things Successful People Don’t Do and a quote from Albert Einstein that I like


A Monthly planner


My weekly and daily log

I also have a double page spread for my personal Goals. These include things like buy a house, read more, complete my Diploma as well as more private and personal goals that I have set myself to achieve.

My daily logs are where my Bullet Journal really helps with my anxiety. At the end of the day, before going to bed, I write down one thing that went well. Sometimes I have to take a while to think of something to write and others days I have to work out which to choose as so many good things happened in the day. Taking the time to think of something that went well and writing it down has stopped me going to sleep anxious about the next day. I can’t tell you exactly why, as I don’t understand it fully myself. However, I can tell you that I know I’m not going to stop doing something that has clearly helped me. I guess you could compare this to the 100 Happy Days Challenge that took Instagram by storm a couple years ago.

As August has progressed, so have my ideas; as well as noting down what went well, I have started to write what didn’t go so well in my day and writing what I can do to fix it. Sometimes these things cannot be fixed, so I have to ask myself if worrying about it is going to help. More often than not, the answer to that question is no; so why should I waste my energy worrying about things that I cannot change.

And to think, all it took was a month of Bullet Journaling to help me work that one out.

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