Evening Primrose Oil and Hormonal Acne: The Results


Following on from my original post almost 8 weeks ago… You may remember me writing about the troubles I have had with acne in my adult years and the many regimes that I have tried to combat the painful bumps.

I get stress spots around my chin and jawline (like clockwork) about a day after I have had an anxiety attack or if I am under a shed load of stress. For my next ‘experiment’ to fight the spots, I gave evening primrose oil capsules a try. I’ve taken them every day for 8 weeks… and these are the results. In hindsight – perhaps doing this little ‘experiment’ while going through a house purchase, move, 2 exams and the organisation I work for having a massive administration review wasn’t that great of an idea. But I have some little aspects to feedback and my before and after photos to allow you to make your own decision.

During these 8 weeks, I have noticed a remarkable change in my hair, nails and stomach – my period cramps and bloating have been almost nonexistent and my overall mental health has been surprisingly more calm. With regards to my acne… it is a lot better (this of course could now be because I have completed the house purchase, moved, passed my exams and had confirmation that I do still have a job). I do still have some red scars but I have had no new spots in about 9 days now – which is my PB! As well as this, my skin also feels a lot smoother, hydrated and balanced.

From the way I jabber on about it, you probably think that I had the Alps growing on my face. I know it’s “not that bad” and that “others have it worse”, but to me they were a huge weight on my self esteem and confidence. I felt like a little girl again who nobody would take serious because my skin made me look 10 years younger. But not any more *touches everything within reach that is made of wood*. So here they are… my before and afters…

Before (this was taken on a ‘good’ day) 😖…


After (also know as, TODAY! See that on my chin? No? ME NEITHER!) 🎉…


See ya later pimples, you will not be missed!

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