Christmas Glitz and Glamour



I have not been clothes shopping for so long that I think its having an effect on my mental health. I have had big, exciting things to save for so the whole fashion thing has sort of been thrown out the window for the past 4 months. But with Christmas around the corner and as I’ve just sold a painting… there’s no time like the present to get back on that horse.

Christmas parties and New Year celebrations call for glitz and glamour – so I’m buying myself a new dress and heels with my commission money, damn it – and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. (I may also have pay for my car’s MOT with it too – and the subsequent work needed for said MOT – but i’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!).

So I can hear my mother’s voice in my head saying “you could spend that £60 towards the solicitors fees” but I’m pushing the voice to the back of my mind. So what if I have to wear the same dress for the three parties that are booked into my calendar over the next month – I’ll be fabulous and just style my hair different for each night! Sorted.

Christmas Countdown:

♥ 39 sleeps till Christmas Day

♥ 24 sleeps till work’s Christmas party (i.e. 24 sleeps to buy the perfect dress and shoes)

♥ 7/62 Christmas presents finished and wrapped (yes, I have a lot of family and friends)


An Open Letter to Anyone Who Has Lost a Parent


The new Star Wars film is coming out on the 18th December. This will be the first time I will watch a Star Wars film from start to finish without my Dad. Most of you will think I’m being childish, but a handful will understand why this is scary. The moment the release date was published I rushed to my phone to call my Dad, forgetting that he had died 2 years ago.

In December 2011 my Dad was diagnosed with terminal melanoma cancer and died 6 months later. I was 19 years old. 3 years later, this is something I wish someone had told me.


Dear sweet darling

I am so very sorry for the loss of your parent at such a crucial point in your life. A piece of your world was stolen from you that can never be replaced, which I know personally cuts deep like a…

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The Silver Lining

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Writer’s block. I’m not sure what that exactly means, but I know I have it. I’m not a writer though; so am I technically allowed to say I have writers block?!


I have this blog as a sort of escape from the ‘real world’, I write about crap that doesn’t matter and things that people probably don’t really care about. I write because it makes me feel happy – if we wanna go cheesy, it makes me feel whole. So as I’m sat on the bed in the spare bedroom of my mother’s house, wrapped up in a thousand layers to keep the cold away from my skin, watching Netflix (with no chill, unfortunately); I have this sudden urge to write everything and anything. But of course, nothing comes. It’s like my brain has decided to clock out for the night.

Instead of something that has any kind of resemblance to words from a sane mind, we have these words. Words that are typed onto the MacBook that I can’t quite afford, by fingers with nails that need some serious TLC. Word that are falling from a mind of someone who needs to close her emails, stop panicking about things that cannot be fixed until start of business on Monday and chill the f*#k out. Words that are tumbling down this metaphorical s*#t storm of my life – when actually as I write this, I realise that life is pretty fantastic at the moment.

What is not pretty fantastic at the moment are my anxiety levels – I cannot deal with any form of stress. Stress gives me a rash and my waist line its own equator. I’m spending my Friday night stressing over things that I cannot control. I’m purchasing the most expensive thing I will probably ever buy, everything around me is insured; including my life, which is currently worth £160,000 apparently. Why can’t buying a house be as simple as The Sims (Ctrl+C “motherlode”) – I was not emotionally prepared for this ride. I also stupidly arranged two exams for the same week that we were supposed to be exchanging – but of course, nothing ever goes to plan and the speed at which the solicitor is moving, we probable won’t complete until 2017.

It will all be worth, it will all be worth it, it will all be worth it.

So I’m back in the room, wrapped up tight. Liam’s just come in from the gym and is curled up at my side, reading over my shoulder as I write this and I’m reminded that all this crap doesn’t matter.

There’s that light at the end of the tunnel, the silver lining to my heavy grey cloud that I created for myself. Life is only as hard, busy or stressful as you allow it to be. I need to stop allowing my black dog overcome me. So, that black dog is being taken outside, at least for tonight. I’m off to watch American Horror Story now.

Take care out there.

Love, always. L x




Why I Stopped Using Dry Shampoo


As that heavy powdery fog settles on my unwashed hair, as I massage it into my scalp after getting out of bed 20 minutes later than planned; I wonder what the long term effect this is having on the health of my hair and scalp. So like any normal blogger would do – instead of cracking on with my next diploma module – I researched dry shampoo (Duh).

A couple months ago you would have to prise that can of Batiste Dry Shampoo out of my hands, I would blast layers upon layers of the stuff to guarantee the volume, texture and freshness that I desired. But it turns out that there are many downsides to being overly dependent on dry shampoo. My laziness could be causing my hair to be brittle and damaged, can slow hair growth and in extreme cases – can cause ache, sore patches and hair loss (Read more here😱).

What kind of woman would I be if I didn’t scare my finding with you lot?? (I wish I had this much motivation with my studying😒) So, what are the facts?

What would happen to your skin if you caked layers of powder over your face to avoid washing it? I’m sure, like me, your pores would fill up and explode in horrid pimples. So this is basically what you are doing to your scalp, including the hairline of your face. (In extreme circumstances this can also cause folliculitis – which causes painful boils in the scalp and can lead to baldness. YELP).

Dry shampoo doesn’t actually cleanse your scalp, nor does it condition your hair.  The oils on your scalp are rich in nourishing fatty acids, by mixing these with starchy powders and alcohol, they can no longer travel from the root to the tip of the hair and like hair spray, dry shampoo tangles your hair so increases the risk of breakage when brushing – hello split ends!

Replacing a good hair wash with dry shampoo over a period of time can lead to irritation, causing your scalp to become itchy and flaky – the more you itch, the weaker your hair becomes. And what does a weak hair and a scalp clogged up with dry shampoo mean? An imbalance of the microorganisms on the scalp responsible for healthy hair growth. As a woman trying to grow her hair, this is a nightmare.

So instead of dry shampooing my locks for that second day of freshness, I have learnt to master the perfect up-do that is so fabulous, nobody will notice the slight sheen to my scalp.

Want to carry on using your dry shampoo, but my rambling has scared you?

“Ok, so we know over use = not good. But how often is that? Every other day? Once a week? 

“Use it as and when you need, but don’t just don’t go using it day after day” explains Iain. “Think of how your face or body would feel if, rather than washing it, you sprayed something on it which didn’t make it look dirty – it’s the same difference.” 

Essentially, it’s fine to use dry shampoo whenever you need, just don’t go spraying it into your roots day-after-day without washing, as the build up of product on your scalp and around the hair follicles is what causes the problems. If you wash your hair the day after each use there’s less danger of irritations and you can avoid all that scary stuff like thinning patches of hair. 

“It’s not so much the ingredients in dry shampoo, but the act of using it ‘instead of’ actually shampooing your hair. Its fine for getting away with that extra day of ‘not washing’ …just not an extra week!” explains Iain. “ – Cosmopolitan UK


How starting a Bullet Journal has helped my anxiety



As someone who suffers from anxiety, I wish I had done this sooner. Bullet Journalling is a notebook system that incorporates planning, list making and doodling in an organised way. As you use a ruled note book rather than a diary, you aren’t limited to what you can put on the pages. My Bullet Journal allows me to make monthly, weekly and daily plans and gives me a outlet for my feelings at the end of a day.

I wanted to show some pages of my Bullet Journal with you, share my designs and with any luck, give someone else who suffers with anxiety some ideas that have really and truly helped me over the past month. Every page in my Bullet Journal uses my designs, mostly done by hand so feel very personal and special to me.

I started by numbering the pages of my notebook and writing an index on the very first page. From here on I included things that I would find useful, for example:


My word for the year and Yearly planner


A list of 20 Things Successful People Don’t Do and a quote from Albert Einstein that I like


A Monthly planner


My weekly and daily log

I also have a double page spread for my personal Goals. These include things like buy a house, read more, complete my Diploma as well as more private and personal goals that I have set myself to achieve.

My daily logs are where my Bullet Journal really helps with my anxiety. At the end of the day, before going to bed, I write down one thing that went well. Sometimes I have to take a while to think of something to write and others days I have to work out which to choose as so many good things happened in the day. Taking the time to think of something that went well and writing it down has stopped me going to sleep anxious about the next day. I can’t tell you exactly why, as I don’t understand it fully myself. However, I can tell you that I know I’m not going to stop doing something that has clearly helped me. I guess you could compare this to the 100 Happy Days Challenge that took Instagram by storm a couple years ago.

As August has progressed, so have my ideas; as well as noting down what went well, I have started to write what didn’t go so well in my day and writing what I can do to fix it. Sometimes these things cannot be fixed, so I have to ask myself if worrying about it is going to help. More often than not, the answer to that question is no; so why should I waste my energy worrying about things that I cannot change.

And to think, all it took was a month of Bullet Journaling to help me work that one out.

Another year older, still none the wiser!

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image1I’m not old – but I feel it! I turned 24 on Monday and to be honest, it was a bit of a disaster. I celebrated with my friends on Saturday night, managed to snap my favorite pair of heals and subsequently had to leave early due to my broken shoe and a possible broken ankle. I’M OK – it’s not broken, just very fat!

As I spent the rest of the night and the following two days wallowing in self pity, I need to talk about how spoilt I was (It’s still my birthday week, so I’m allowed to show off!). Liam gave me Chanel Mademoiselle eau de parfum (That brings my count to 3 bottles – safe to save I like this stuff a lot!), a beautiful eternity necklace, a couple JoJo Moyes books to add to my TBR list, a Groot bobble head (THISSSSSS) and not to mention the Nutella Krispy Kremes, cocktails and the most amazing meal at Coal, Exeter. My best friend of 9 years is taking me for a Spa day at the end of the month and my mother gave me some Euro’s in preparation for my holiday in three weeks.

I fully plan to keep milking my birthday for as long as possible (as I do every year).

Has Shaving My Peach-Fuzz Face Turned Me Into a Yeti?


If you haven’t read the prequel to this post, you will have no idea what I am talking about in this post. You will probably need to read it, you can do so by clicking here.

Ok, so I may be writing this two weeks later, rather than one as stated in the linked post – but I’ve been super busy (updates will come, but for now, I’m not going to risk jinxing anything! 🏡).

So, has shaving my peach-fuzz face turned me into a yeti? No, it hasn’t. The ‘fuzz’ has grown back thinner than it was before. Although, you will notice that this post does not come with any photographic evidence… why? Because what it did give me was acne. Lots and lots of acne.

HOWEVER – I’m not one to push blame; there could be another reason to this breakout. Due to my f*#ked up, womanly body; my Doc has switched up my birth control – so this horrible, lock yourself away for a week breakout could have something to do with that? So, I will need to shave the face again once my body has got used to the different hormones flowing through my body, right?

To shave or not to shave? That is the question.

Nah, you’re alright.

Today I Shaved My Face



Don’t worry, I didn’t use my boyfriends Gillette razor, but yes, today I shaved my face. I’ve never done think kind of thing before, nor have I ever had the need to bleach or use hair removal cream – be assured that I am very lucky and do not have a lady beard or a mustache. What do I have? That stupid peach fuzz, that although is invisible to the naked eye, get’s right on my carrot sticks. There is nothing worse that when you’re having a bad makeup-application-day and the peach fuzz is just making matters a whole lot worse. If this is good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it’s good enough for me!

I bought a Tinkle razor, moistened my skin and prepared to hack away at my face. I decided to start at the top of my cheekbone and slowly work my around my jaw line.  “What the f*#! am I doing”, I ask myself when I’m half a face in – so now my face is half fuzzy, half smother so I have to carry on. Onto the other side of my face I go and I repeat; starting at the top of my cheekbone and working my way around my jaw line. Now I’ve put all my cards on the table, I might as well tame the tops of my eyebrows and temples – after all, it is labeled as an eyebrow trimmer!

Ok, so – washing my face after the initial shaving event, I will admit I instantly regretted my decision to remove all signs of hair from my face. However, after moisturiging and applying my make up, IT LOOKS AND FEELS SO MUCH BETTER. It may all be in my head and I may be trying to convince myself that I’ve not just opened a massive can of worms and will now be lumbered with a massive black sprouting beard when this fuzz regrows – but for now, I can definable get used to having a fuzz-free face!

Would I recommend shaving your face? Yes.

Stay tuned for my update next week, to be name “Has shaving my peach-fuzz face turned me into a yeti?”. 

For now, my peach-fuzz can kiss my fabulous arse.

YouTube Channel: Clown Contouring


Okay, so I thought I would give this YouTube Channel thing a go. I’ve had the Channel for quite a while but have only ever used my login to watch videos of cute dogs and kittens (stop judging me).

My first video (so, please excuse the poor editing) is me doing what I love – I am literally painting my face with makeup. This was so much fun to do and I’m actually quite impressed with how it blended out and the overall finish (thank you Beauty Blender – Shop at FeelUnique using this link to receive 15% off your first order)

Please help a sister out and have a little gander at what I’m blabbering on about (don’t forget to subscribe, comment and give it a thumbs up if you enjoy it!): CLOWN CONTOURING | FOUR INCH AND UP

Love always, L x

Subscription box: Birchbox



June’s Birchbox has arrived and my inner child was revealed when ripping the packaging open. Not only is the design totally gorgeous (i’m currently trying to think up ideas for what to use the now-empty box for), it’s also tailored to your skin and hair type. This month I have a full size Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener and Waterliner (RRP £14.95); Percy & Reed Reassuringly Firm Session Hold Hairspray (RRP £12*); Bioderma Photoderm AKN Mat SPF30 (RRP £14*); Whish Coconut Milk Body Cream (RRP £15.50*) and finally, Huygens Le Gommage Visage (RRP £17.90*).

My favourite out of this months box is the Jelly Pong Pong Lighten Up Brightener and Waterliner. It is so soft and applies so smoothly, I’ve only had it two days and have already fallen head over heals for it. Considering the monthly cost of Birchbox is £10 + p&p – I’ve already made my money back and more with the Brightener and Waterliner.

Click this link to sign up to receive £5 worth of Birchbox points (which can be used towards your orders!): YEAAAS 😘

*RRP correspond to full size items