Evening Primrose Oil and Hormonal Acne


If you follow my blog, you will know I have tried every kind of cleanser and potion for my skin, with no effect. I have tried 3 different types of contraception pills and implants (which by the way, made things hella worse!) and even antibiotics prescribed by my GP.

Next on my list is Evening Primrose oil. I used to take this religiously when I was a teenager as I was a big sufferer of (or my mum was) mood swings. As a teenager, I did not have spots. None. Not even if I was due on my period.

“Evening primrose oil hormonal acne treatment hinges upon its ability to maintain hormonal balance in the body which in turn helps to offset the associated complications such as acne breakout and mood swings.

Cystic acne is also caused by hormonal fluctuations and overactive sebaceous glands and as such, evening primrose oil is usually an effective treatment. It may take time though, so don’t be one of those people who try evening primrose oil acne cyst treatment and give up before they can see the results.”


COULD THAT HAVE BEEN WHY?!?!?! I can’t remember when or why I stopped taking evening primrose oil and I can’t exactly remember when my adult acne started – so I can’t make any connection. Damn it.

There is only one way to find out!

Today I have been into town and bought myself a tub of the stuff. I will take one tablet a day and after 6 weeks, if not before, I will write another post with photographic evidence of improvement – you guys have no idea how tightly I have my fingers, legs and everything else crossed as I write this!

Stay tuned and wish my skin luck!


Today I Shaved My Face



Don’t worry, I didn’t use my boyfriends Gillette razor, but yes, today I shaved my face. I’ve never done think kind of thing before, nor have I ever had the need to bleach or use hair removal cream – be assured that I am very lucky and do not have a lady beard or a mustache. What do I have? That stupid peach fuzz, that although is invisible to the naked eye, get’s right on my carrot sticks. There is nothing worse that when you’re having a bad makeup-application-day and the peach fuzz is just making matters a whole lot worse. If this is good enough for Marilyn Monroe, it’s good enough for me!

I bought a Tinkle razor, moistened my skin and prepared to hack away at my face. I decided to start at the top of my cheekbone and slowly work my around my jaw line.  “What the f*#! am I doing”, I ask myself when I’m half a face in – so now my face is half fuzzy, half smother so I have to carry on. Onto the other side of my face I go and I repeat; starting at the top of my cheekbone and working my way around my jaw line. Now I’ve put all my cards on the table, I might as well tame the tops of my eyebrows and temples – after all, it is labeled as an eyebrow trimmer!

Ok, so – washing my face after the initial shaving event, I will admit I instantly regretted my decision to remove all signs of hair from my face. However, after moisturiging and applying my make up, IT LOOKS AND FEELS SO MUCH BETTER. It may all be in my head and I may be trying to convince myself that I’ve not just opened a massive can of worms and will now be lumbered with a massive black sprouting beard when this fuzz regrows – but for now, I can definable get used to having a fuzz-free face!

Would I recommend shaving your face? Yes.

Stay tuned for my update next week, to be name “Has shaving my peach-fuzz face turned me into a yeti?”. 

For now, my peach-fuzz can kiss my fabulous arse.