Change of address


As you guys know already, Liam and I brought our first house at the end of last year.  I’ve always enjoyed DIY, up-cycling and anything that allows me to be creative so I’m working my way through the house and garden, one baby step at a time, transforming our bricks and mortar into our treasure.

I started blogging in October 2014 on this site, Four Inch and Up (relating to the heel height of shoes!). I would write about my skin care regime, fashion and lifestyle. Since starting this new project, the things I found myself wanting to write about changed, which changed the whole theme of my blog – and created a lot of questions about the name. So this brings me to this new blog – named after the place Liam and I call home – Seven Acres.

Please come and visit me at the new site:



December, bulleted


So far, December has been a bit of a ‘brain dump’ in terms of bullet journaling. There has been lots of swearing and angry ‘pictures’ that have somehow come from my pen (anyone who knows me would be able to tell you that I’m usually quite well reserved *cough*). December so far has been, in my opinion, a beautiful disaster.

  1. Number of nights out: 2
  2. Number of times I thought I may die from a hangover: 3 (there was an emotional moment between leaving the club and getting in a taxi home)
  3. Administration consultation: New proposal of delivery to administrative roles. I am of the understanding that my job is safe – this will be confirmed by the end of the week.
  4. Number of times I have tried to give up sugar and failed: 3 (I did last 5 days before failing on the first round)
  5. Unicorn horn’s made: 2 (the first one was a bit too floppy)
  6. Number of diet cokes drunk: unknown

All that up there seems a bit sad and/or depressing for my usual favourite month of the year… so it is time to activate the ‘Focus Funnel’ *insert corny 80’s game show theme tune*


I feel as though my Christmas has been stolen from me this year as I’ve been unable to decorate as I normally would… due to the fact that I am basically homeless! We expected to be moved in before Christmas, now it’s looking more like January… so I’ve been unable to transform my home into Santa’s grotto 😫

Due to my limited funds because of the potential move, I have had to be extra careful and organised about things I wouldn’t normally have to be; and being someone who loves to spend money – espically at Christmas it has been super, super difficult – so the ‘Focus Funnel’ has been my saviour (even if the name is slightly annoying).

What the heck, it’s Christmas! Now, excuse me while I go procrastinate on purpose and eat 3 mince pies and half a yule log.

Christmas Countdown:

♥ 12 sleeps till Christmas Day

♥ 51/62 Christmas presents finished and wrapped

From Swiping Right, to Mr Right


It all started one hungover Sunday, aimlessly swiping through an endless array of not so great ‘men’ and the odd ‘dick pic’ (#Tinder). I was Tinderella, searching for my Prince Charming.


And there he was – the man who I wasn’t quite sure about because he was so unbelievably perfect. We clicked instantly, sharing the same dry, sarcastic sense of humour. He bought me Maltesers on our first date (winning), made friends with all my friends and buys me flowers on the regular. He was (and still is) the definition of my perfect man and he is the Prince that I know I deserve, especially after all the frogs that I have kissed. He was the good influence I needed and I was the bad influence he wanted.

My family became his family and his family became mine and I am thankful every day for the love that he brought into my world. I can officially say that I now know what love is (sorry, Mariah).


Ok, this post is over now. You can remove your head from the toilet bowl. 😷

Christmas Glitz and Glamour



I have not been clothes shopping for so long that I think its having an effect on my mental health. I have had big, exciting things to save for so the whole fashion thing has sort of been thrown out the window for the past 4 months. But with Christmas around the corner and as I’ve just sold a painting… there’s no time like the present to get back on that horse.

Christmas parties and New Year celebrations call for glitz and glamour – so I’m buying myself a new dress and heels with my commission money, damn it – and there’s nothing you can do to stop me. (I may also have pay for my car’s MOT with it too – and the subsequent work needed for said MOT – but i’ll cross that bridge when I get to it!).

So I can hear my mother’s voice in my head saying “you could spend that £60 towards the solicitors fees” but I’m pushing the voice to the back of my mind. So what if I have to wear the same dress for the three parties that are booked into my calendar over the next month – I’ll be fabulous and just style my hair different for each night! Sorted.

Christmas Countdown:

♥ 39 sleeps till Christmas Day

♥ 24 sleeps till work’s Christmas party (i.e. 24 sleeps to buy the perfect dress and shoes)

♥ 7/62 Christmas presents finished and wrapped (yes, I have a lot of family and friends)

[The Real] 12 Reasons To Know If You Have Your Life Together



You see this kind of title everywhere, but let’s be honest, these are the real 12 reasons to tell if you have your life together:

  1. You show up to work on time; but it’s only because you washed your hair before going to bed, applied your mascara at a redlight and gave up eating breakfast years ago.
  1. Your room is either at 0 or 100 in terms of tidiness; you’ve got dirty laundry on the floor, a suitcase that still hasn’t been unpacked from 3 weeks ago and an array of items dangling from every potential hanger in your room, but you still manage to look a perfect 10 before leaving the house. Either that, or it’s spick and span because you cleaned it last night, but give it 24-hours to bounce back.
  1. You never eat dinner on a night you’re going out drinking. Half the calories and way less stuff to absorb all the alcohol; or, you eat everything in sight because, let’s be honest,  there’s no point in trying to be healthy if you’re drinking all night.
  1. Your hair looks clean, but that’s just because you’ve mastered the art of using dry shampoo or baby powder.
  1. You’re super proud of yourself for packing the night before leaving on a trip instead of the morning of. But you always forget to pack your charger, pants or toothbrush.
  1. You know how to be responsible and stay in for the night when you have to be up super early the next day. But when you stay up until 3 or 4am, you might as well have gone out.
  1. You create an incredible workout schedule and diet plan for the whole next month, but then you realize that cookies are carbs and it’s wrong to cut those out of the food pyramid.
  1. You make it to your work event on time and you look fabulous. But no one knows that you’re buzzing from pre-drinks, you have a bleeding blister that you’ve bandaged up with toilet paper and your phone is at 3%.
  1. In fact, your phone is on 3% almost every single day.
  1. But it’s ok because you have a phone charger in your bag. Well, you have the cord to your charger in your bag. The location of the plug of the charger is to be determined.
  1. When you show up somewhere on time and someone asks why you’re out of breath, sweating profusely, or looking like a complete train wreck. You just give a composed smile and say the aircon is broken in your car. They don’t need to know that you ran the whole way because you forgot to allow time for traffic and parking.
  1. You’ve been called a hot mess on more than one occasion that you only hear the “hot” bit now, so really, it’s a compliment.