From Swiping Right, to Mr Right


It all started one hungover Sunday, aimlessly swiping through an endless array of not so great ‘men’ and the odd ‘dick pic’ (#Tinder). I was Tinderella, searching for my Prince Charming.


And there he was – the man who I wasn’t quite sure about because he was so unbelievably perfect. We clicked instantly, sharing the same dry, sarcastic sense of humour. He bought me Maltesers on our first date (winning), made friends with all my friends and buys me flowers on the regular. He was (and still is) the definition of my perfect man and he is the Prince that I know I deserve, especially after all the frogs that I have kissed. He was the good influence I needed and I was the bad influence he wanted.

My family became his family and his family became mine and I am thankful every day for the love that he brought into my world. I can officially say that I now know what love is (sorry, Mariah).


Ok, this post is over now. You can remove your head from the toilet bowl. 😷





So after spending what feels like a million hours transferring my small collection of posts over to my new blog (yay!), I realised that I have never actually ‘introduced myself’. You’re all sat there reading my thoughts from your computer or smart phone screens, probably wondering – who the hell am I?

Let’s start with the basics. My name is Lydia (that’s me up there ⇑) and I live in a small village just outside of Exeter in the South West of England. I have an amazing boyfriend (thank you, Tinder) who has given my my very own fairy-tale romance.

By day I’m a medical Secretary for Older People’s Mental Health; by night I’m a wanna-be dancer, writer and chef. My guilty pleasures include Pole Fitness, Sims 4, pulled pork nachos and classic Disney movies. Anything with four legs and covered in fur is bound to get my immediate love and affection, anything more than four legs and I will run faster than Usain Bolt.

I’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone for reading my blog. You are fabulous.

Love always, L ♥